The Lord (the__lord) wrote in debate_arena,
The Lord

I've decided to give this community one more shot before retiring it to the dustbin of failed livejournal communities. Considering the relative success we had with the more time consuming and labor intensive format, I'm guessing the newer, more simplified format has the potential to succeed.

We'll be dropping the season format, and for that matter, scheduled debates. Rather than do the majority of debating in this community, members will post links to debates in other communities to be judged by the council. This can involve members of the community, or non-members. This means that posting will be unmoderated, and members may post at any time.

I'll be posting more detailed rules later, assuming there is still enough interest to move forward. For now, comment with any ideas you have that fit this format, or if you want a spot on the council. Former council members and alternates will be given priority, but there may still be a spot or two open.
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are council positions still based on political orientation?

However, I'm considering adding 2-4 more seats to get a more varied perspective. Maybe I should have everyone take that awful test again...
So much for that idea.
i don't think of it as a dustbin so much as a trophy case

we also might try the mainboard advert as well as the community_promo thing
I think it's probably run it's course, but if you want to, you know the drill.
I disagree.
Hey, you can't debate here, this community is deceased.

Did I miss anything good these last couple weeks?
lol.... it certainly seems so.
Damn, you weren't kidding...