use faux pas (killtacular) wrote in debate_arena,
use faux pas

Version 2.0

Ok, so the__lord is super occupied with work-related things and won't be able to keep debate_arena up and running, and he has turned administration of it over to those of us who still want to keep up (which means me, plus the other members of the council). I'm thinking we renew the season starting next week. On top of the__lord, somnambulisa and brainlesswonder have both also either dropped out or been incommunicando. so, I'm proposing that we fill their slots with anyone who wants to join in, and they'll start from scratch. At the end of the season, or along the way, we can figure out how to compare original members scores with the new ones. If we don't get any volunteers, then those weeks can be bye's.

Does everyone want to do this? If you are still participating, or would like to participate, comment here. Council members, if you disagree, say so here and we can work it out. We're also going to need to elevate two new council members. I'm thinking fireuzer to replace bw. Anyone wanting to replace the__lord should say so here, then we can go from there.

What does everyone think?
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