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Polyester Bride [userpic]

sonombulisa's argument was riddled with controversies and appeared to try to bait killtacular into a hard to defend position, so I'm voting killtacular on this one.

badlydrawnjeff [userpic]

Still not enough time for witticisms...

1) fireuzer
3) skaloop
4) princessmerbear
5) the_sicilian
6) wow. Uh, sonambulisa
7) goatunit
8) colintj

That's right... [userpic]

So, this week was kind of a bust.

Debate #1 - the_lance wins. It was fairly close until fireuzer's poor analogy totally lost it for him.

Debate #2 - badlydrawnjeff by default.

Debate #3 - Not my call.

Debate #4 - cargill wins. meredith_mae failed to convince me why the accepted age of adulthood (arbitrary or not) should be ignored if it suits the situation.

Debate #5 - the_sicilian by default.

Debate #6 - killtacular wins. Props to somnambulisa for tweaking the topic, but after reading the debate, North Korea seems a better vacation destination to me.

Debate #7 - goatunit by default.

Debate #8 - colintj by default.

That's right... [userpic]

It's Thursday and only three debates have begun? What the hell, did somebody remove the feeding tube on this place?

The Lord [userpic]

Debate #8

Home: brainlesswonder

Away: colintj

Topic: Social Security Reform

The Lord [userpic]

Debate #7

Home: the__lord

Away: goatunit

Topic: Public vs. Private Healthcare

The Lord [userpic]

Debate #6

Home: somnambulisa

Away: killtacular

Topic: Iran/North Korea

The Lord [userpic]

Debate #5

Home: mrexcess

Away: the_sicilian

Topic: Public Education Reform

The Lord [userpic]

Debate #4

Home: cargill

Away: meredith_mae

Topic: Death Penalty

The Lord [userpic]

Debate #3

Home: skaloop

Away: lovecrafty

Topic: File-Sharing/Intellectual Property

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