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Чешите за ухом... [userpic]

Hello, everybody!
I am a russian student, studying English at the uni, I am graduating this year, so I need to complete my final thesis. It is about "politically correct" language, and part of it is a small questionnaire about the use of "politically correct" words (I need to find out which of them are really in use, and some other things). I saw "PC" among the interests of this community, that's why I am addressing here. So, if anybody could fill out my questionnaire, I would be VERY grateful to this person! It won't take long, I think no more than 10 minutes and would help me a lot!

Here is the link for it. http://www.yoshkar.com/survey/questPC.doc

Please send the replies to kosharik84@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance!


I'm new to the community. my name is Rokki.

i would like to know your guys stance on Affirmative action! is it reverse racism? or is it just a good way to create diversity?

im doing a debate on it in school and want to know more of what others think.

This isn't baseball...This is madness! [userpic]


The Lord [userpic]

I've decided to give this community one more shot before retiring it to the dustbin of failed livejournal communities. Considering the relative success we had with the more time consuming and labor intensive format, I'm guessing the newer, more simplified format has the potential to succeed.

We'll be dropping the season format, and for that matter, scheduled debates. Rather than do the majority of debating in this community, members will post links to debates in other communities to be judged by the council. This can involve members of the community, or non-members. This means that posting will be unmoderated, and members may post at any time.

I'll be posting more detailed rules later, assuming there is still enough interest to move forward. For now, comment with any ideas you have that fit this format, or if you want a spot on the council. Former council members and alternates will be given priority, but there may still be a spot or two open.

This isn't baseball...This is madness! [userpic]

the_lord is back, b-dub is no longer e-comatose, although it seems killtacular caught whatever b-dub had.


is anyone interested in the revival, in whatever form, of debate_arena?

use faux pas [userpic]

Ok, so the__lord is super occupied with work-related things and won't be able to keep debate_arena up and running, and he has turned administration of it over to those of us who still want to keep up (which means me, plus the other members of the council). I'm thinking we renew the season starting next week. On top of the__lord, somnambulisa and brainlesswonder have both also either dropped out or been incommunicando. so, I'm proposing that we fill their slots with anyone who wants to join in, and they'll start from scratch. At the end of the season, or along the way, we can figure out how to compare original members scores with the new ones. If we don't get any volunteers, then those weeks can be bye's.

Does everyone want to do this? If you are still participating, or would like to participate, comment here. Council members, if you disagree, say so here and we can work it out. We're also going to need to elevate two new council members. I'm thinking fireuzer to replace bw. Anyone wanting to replace the__lord should say so here, then we can go from there.

What does everyone think?

use faux pas [userpic]

So at least some people are still paying attention. Do we want to just continue the season, starting next week with the next round of debates? If enough of the mods are still here, I think that will work (it is relatively easy to just post the debates and edit the standings). So, yea or nay everyone?

use faux pas [userpic]

so what's going on? is the__lord out of commission? are we taking an all-star break in the season? what is everyone thinking?

Debate #7 has been my favorite debate to read so far.

And it goes to goatunit.

I'm finished editing this entry now.

use faux pas [userpic]

debate 1: the_lance. I'm not sure who is arguing about a constitutional right, and it certainly does seem like there is an ethical obligation for pharmacists to not let their petty prejudices get in the way of a doctor's prescriptions for a patient: the pharmacist has a duty to accurately fill legitimate prescriptions, not make personal value judgments on people's lifestyles. They should be fired if they refuse to fulfill the duties of their job just like anyone else, so paranoid wins.

debate 2: badlydrawnjeff

debate 3: while i am not a fan of copyrights whatsoever, skaloop won this one

debate 4: cargill. His fairness argument just wasn't touched upon enough in the one reply.

debate 5: the_sicilian

debate 6: nc

debate 7: goatunit

debate 8: colintj

unfortunate about the lack of involvement all around, i gotta say

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